Father’s Day Gift Inspiration

With Father’s Day coming up soon (or Father’s Season as my Dad loves to call it), I’ve been searching for DIY gifts to make for my Dad. Because I love to make gifts based on the recipient’s personality and their interests, I wanted to make sure I found different options to try. And for others looking for the right gift to give or make for their father, I searched Pinterest for you!

For example, my Dad loves to fish and be outdoors. He loves to bike, hike and walk different trails. So I thought about knitting him a beanie for when the weather gets colder in his favorite color. I picked this pattern because it’s easy to follow and looks similar to a scarf I’ve made him in the past.

But…then I came across this Pin.

With football season coming up soon (NFL and College), I thought about making a bowtie in his alma mater’s fabric or his favorite NFL team (Go Falcons!). So I kept searching for another sewing pattern to try before I purchased the fabric.

Making a pocket square and bow tie in matching print for gameday or even upcycling one of Dad’s old shirts came to mind. I like the idea of combining the two gifts together and giving them as a set.

I’m going to try the tutorials above and post my results soon. If all works out, Dad will have at least one great gift. If not, I’ll go to my tried and true gift.

I knit coasters (they’re actually washcloths, but everyone uses them as coasters) and give them away as gifts all the time. To my knowledge, my Dad likes to use them the most out of all the things I’ve made him. If the tutorials above don’t work, I’ll follow my usual pattern below and make my Dad a set of knitted coasters in his favorite color.

The Easiest Gift I’ve Ever Made

Disney Princess Fabric Gift Bag
This fabric gift bag turned out to be one of the easiest gifts I’ve ever sewn.

May is a big month for my friend group. There’s the remaining end of April birthdays, May birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduation, friends going on study abroad. So I’ve had no shortage of demand for gifts for each occasion.

I made more makeup bags for the graduation/study abroad group because I know they’ll need them/use them for packing. And the birthday girls all got brush rolls, cosmetic bags and scrunchies or knitted coaster sets (jewel tones for the fall/winter, pastels for the spring/summer).

But I wish I had found this pattern on Pinterest sooner.

What I love about this pattern is that you can take scrap fabric and repurpose it for something anyone could use. I had two small pieces of scrap fabric leftover from an order of the Disney Princess fabric makeup bags I make for my Etsy. And this was just the right pattern to use.


What I love about these bags is they can be reused for almost anything. Jewelry bag, party favor bag, a mini-travel bag that can fit into a purse or carry-on, eyeshadow holder, gift wrap.

And it only took me five minutes. The hardest part (barely) had to be the ironing. I had to wait for my iron to get hot. Other than that, it was a simple, straight stitch pattern that I know I’ll be making again in the future. I’m already starting to stock up on some for my June birthday group.


How to Sew a Cosmetic Bag


I’m always looking for a new project or craft to try. After spending a semester learning how to sew various projects (my favorite always involved hand stitching of some sort) I’ve started to look online for new patterns or ideas.

Last weekend, I came across a video tutorial on how to sew a cosmetic bag:

Of course, I had to watch the video a few times to understand the process. I recreated my bag following the instructions, but my bag has different dimensions than the one in the video.

I use a 7-inch zipper for my bag, so I used the zipper to measure how long the fabric had to be for the length. I kept the width the same since you create a seam to assemble the bag.

Pro Tip: Make sure to serge the fabric ends before starting the project. This keeps everything nice and neat and prevents the fabric ends from fraying or tearing.

Here are some pictures of the finished result (available on my Etsy):

I’d recommend this project to someone learning how to sew a zipper for the first time. Happy sewing!