Father’s Day Gift Inspiration

With Father’s Day coming up soon (or Father’s Season as my Dad loves to call it), I’ve been searching for DIY gifts to make for my Dad. Because I love to make gifts based on the recipient’s personality and their interests, I wanted to make sure I found different options to try. And for others looking for the right gift to give or make for their father, I searched Pinterest for you!

For example, my Dad loves to fish and be outdoors. He loves to bike, hike and walk different trails. So I thought about knitting him a beanie for when the weather gets colder in his favorite color. I picked this pattern because it’s easy to follow and looks similar to a scarf I’ve made him in the past.

But…then I came across this Pin.

With football season coming up soon (NFL and College), I thought about making a bowtie in his alma mater’s fabric or his favorite NFL team (Go Falcons!). So I kept searching for another sewing pattern to try before I purchased the fabric.

Making a pocket square and bow tie in matching print for gameday or even upcycling one of Dad’s old shirts came to mind. I like the idea of combining the two gifts together and giving them as a set.

I’m going to try the tutorials above and post my results soon. If all works out, Dad will have at least one great gift. If not, I’ll go to my tried and true gift.

I knit coasters (they’re actually washcloths, but everyone uses them as coasters) and give them away as gifts all the time. To my knowledge, my Dad likes to use them the most out of all the things I’ve made him. If the tutorials above don’t work, I’ll follow my usual pattern below and make my Dad a set of knitted coasters in his favorite color.

Back to it

This year has gotten off to an incredible start! I’ve moved to a new city in the South and have been acclimating to my new environment. I’ve hardly had a free moment to craft, but it’s been on my mind for the past few weeks.

The hardest thing I had to do was leave behind the majority of my crafting things, including my sewing machine, fabric, sewing kit and most of my yarn. I did get to bring one small bag of yarn and all of my needles, which has allowed me to continue working on the baby blanket I started a few weeks ago.

In fact, that’s been the only project I’ve had time to work on in the last three weeks! I’ve been unpacking, settling in, and knitting whenever I have a few minutes.


I’m happy with how the pattern is turning out. The body of the blanket looks like popcorn (especially with the color) and it stretches, which is perfect for a baby blanket!


And I meant to take a picture of the infinity scarf I was working on. I finished it one day after I made the post and didn’t take a photo of it before I gave it away. So I’m making another one in the same pattern in red.

Now that I’m settled in, I’m going to get back to crafting. With the cold weather still coming and spring fast approaching, I’ll be publishing posts about patterns and last-minute gifts you can make for your friends. Stay tuned for new patterns, products and other things!

The Easiest Infinity Scarf to Knit


summer-dealsEasy Infinity Scarf Pattern

Needle Size: 6.5 or 7

Cast On 24 stitches of your favorite light weight yarn

Purl every row until you reach the desired length (Recommended: 24-30 inches). Bind off last row and sew ends together.

If you’re wondering why the entire pattern is purl, it’s because it gives the scarf a stretchy texture that’s perfect for infinity scarves.


By keeping it simple and purling every stitch, the scarf gets the stretchy texture, which makes it easy to wear.


I’ll post more pictures of this scarf as I continue to work on it! Best of luck knitting!

On the Needles 1.7.17

Project One: Baby Blanket


When I knit, I try to keep two projects going at a time. I like alternating between the two because I like the variety. When you stitch the same pattern over and over again, especially with blankets, it’s easy to lose the motivation or enthusiasm to continue.

So this week, I’ve started two projects. The first one is a gender-neutral baby blanket.


I’m twelve rows in so far and I love the way the border is turning out! It’s a twist on my typical block blanket pattern, but after I do the border, I use the seed stitch as the body of the blanket.

Using the seed stitch as the body is more time consuming, but I’m hoping that once I get another 30 rows in and can fully see the pattern play out, I’ll love the pattern and not tear the blanket apart!

One of the tricks I’ve learned is to pull my work early on to prevent the yarn from curling up. This sounds strange, but by pulling your work taut every few rows, you prevent it from curling on the ends, which will help once you bind off your work and take it off the needles.


Right now, there’s still some curve in my border, but as I continue, the curve will go away.

Project Two: Infinity Scarf


My grandmother recently gave me a new pair of needles (shown in the picture) and I knew I had to try out a new project on them! I’m using my mother’s favorite yarn to make her another scarf.

If you’re looking for an easy beginner scarf pattern, then this is the scarf for you! What I love about this pattern is that it allows new knitters to practice their purling (a lot) and it allows you to make a homemade gift quickly. I’ll post the pattern in a separate post!

I hope to finish one of these projects by next week! One will go as a gift and the other will go on Etsy. I’ll continue to add patterns on the blog.




Block Blanket Pattern

King (1).jpg

My go-to pattern when it comes to making blankets is something I call the block blanket pattern. It’s simple, easy to follow and a great pattern for projects you can make while watching a movie.

Here are some photos of the most recent block blanket I made. It’s made with Lion Brand Yarn’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Spice Yarn.



Size 15 Needles

Lion Brand Thick & Quick Yarn (8-12 Balls depending on the length you want)

Scissors and Sewing Needle to sew in the ends at the end

Time to Make it

Speed Knitting: Two to Three Days

Taking your Time: One Week


Cast On a multiple of 20. Depending on which yarn you pick, 180 to 200 stitches


Row 1: Purl All

Row 2: Knit All

Repeat Until you have 10 rows. END BORDER SECTION


Row 1: Purl 10, Knit all until last 10, Purl 10

Row 2: Knit 10, Purl all until last 10, Knit 10

Repeat until you reach the blanket’s desired length.


Repeat border section until last row. Bind off on last row.

Sew in tails when you’re done!

California King Size Blanket


When I knit, my go-to project is a blanket. Why? Because the longer you knit, the longer the blanket gets, and it’s a project you can do while watching a movie or binge-watching your favorite series.

But this particular blanket was something else. As a graduation gift to my parents, I wanted to make them something they would love and use. So, before I started my last semester, I bought 12 balls of Bernat’s Blanket Yarn and started my usual block pattern.

Yesterday, I finished this blanket. It took several months of knitting, flipping and moving this blanket (and a lot of patience), but it’s finally done! More than 2,000 yards make up this beautiful project and I am proud of it. And, after I spread it out, it seems my dog loves it too.

Other than sewing in the tails, this blanket is finished (and long). The entire blanket hangs off of the back of the chair it’s hanging on. The rest you can see in the front.


But I wanted to share the blanket’s pattern. Not everyone needs the same length that I did, but if you want to recreate this project, follow the instructions below.



Size 15 Needles

Bernat’s Blanket Yarn (12 to 16 balls depending on the length you want)

Sewing needle and scissors

Time to Make This:

6-8 Weeks (If this is all you work on. It took me longer because I did several other projects at the same time.)


Cast On 240 stitches.

Part One–The Border. The Border is the most important part and helps set up the rest of this blanket.

Row 1: Purl

Row 2: Knit

Repeat until you have 10 rows of this.

Part Two–The Blanket’s Body

Row One: Purl 10, Knit All Until the Last 10 stitches, Purl 10

Row Two: Knit 10, Purl All Until the Last 10 stitches, Knit 10

Repeat until you have the desired length. Because this will build up the body of the blanket, you’ll be repeating this for quite some time. When you have to tie on another ball of yarn, try to tie the ends in the border part (Knit/Purl 10 section) so that you can hide the tails when you sew.

Part Three–The Border

Repeat the Border section. On the last row of the Border, bind off the last row.

I did 12 balls of yarn for this blanket, but you can go up to 16 to have a King XL Blanket.

Sew in the tails when you are done and you’ll have a beautiful blanket!



Hello! I’ve never been the best at keeping a blog, but I’m going to try. My name is Rachel and I love to craft.

I’ve been knitting for the past two years. My favorite things to make are blankets, scarves and boot cuffs. I’m still learning how to master hats and headbands, and I just learned how to do socks.


This is a blanket I recently completed. It’s my standard block design, which I’ll put up soon. Most of the blankets I make follow the block pattern but vary in length and weight.

I also know how to crochet. I’m new to crochet, but I’m loving it so far. I consider it to be like free-hand knitting.


I’m still learning how to do different patterns and tricks, but as I learn, I’ll share with all of you!

Sewing has become my new obsession. This past semester, I took a Costume Construction class and learned some of the basics. I’ve loved learning how to do different stitches and seams, and so I want to continue to learn by completing different projects!

For example, I love making scrunchies! We did this as a class project at first, but I recreated the pattern to fit both children and adults.


And I also learned how to draft a pattern. So I recently made a Mountain Pillow.


My goal for this year (and this blog) is to continue to build upon my skills, make crafts for others and help others learn to create cool things! Here’s to a new year, new blog and crafting!