Meet the reason I craft. I have five (two not pictured) sorority “family members” to craft for. Each person loves different things: makeup bags, scarves, headbands, hats

No one starts out knowing how to craft. The skill of making things–whether it be knitting, sewing, woodworking, etc–is taught from person to person. It’s a personal journey, a learning process that never ends.

In my case, I learned how to knit from my mother and picked up additional skills from YouTube videos and Pinterest tutorials. I wanted to learn how to knit because I preferred giving handmade gifts for my friends. And once I got the basics of knitting, I found tutorials on how to crochet, sew, cross-stitch…you get the idea.

And soon my dorm room became my craft room, full of yarn and fabric. Eventually, I started teaching my roommates and friends how to knit, usually sending them patterns to try with me. By mid-semester, my room looked like a craft store, full of blankets and scarves ready to go out. I’d started bringing my knitting with me everywhere, from meetings to coffee runs, and taught people as they came up to me. I tried teaching my sorority the basics and inspired a few to pick it up on their own.

I started my Etsy page to fundraise for Children’s Miracle Network as part of the Miss America Program. But once I reached my fundraising goal, I realized that I liked having an outlet for my crafts. So now, more than six months and several projects later, I have an Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram dedicated to making crafts for others.

I believe that a person doesn’t need a reason to give a gift to someone they care about. Sometimes you want to share a gift just because.