Father’s Day Gift Inspiration

With Father’s Day coming up soon (or Father’s Season as my Dad loves to call it), I’ve been searching for DIY gifts to make for my Dad. Because I love to make gifts based on the recipient’s personality and their interests, I wanted to make sure I found different options to try. And for others looking for the right gift to give or make for their father, I searched Pinterest for you!

For example, my Dad loves to fish and be outdoors. He loves to bike, hike and walk different trails. So I thought about knitting him a beanie for when the weather gets colder in his favorite color. I picked this pattern because it’s easy to follow and looks similar to a scarf I’ve made him in the past.

But…then I came across this Pin.

With football season coming up soon (NFL and College), I thought about making a bowtie in his alma mater’s fabric or his favorite NFL team (Go Falcons!). So I kept searching for another sewing pattern to try before I purchased the fabric.

Making a pocket square and bow tie in matching print for gameday or even upcycling one of Dad’s old shirts came to mind. I like the idea of combining the two gifts together and giving them as a set.

I’m going to try the tutorials above and post my results soon. If all works out, Dad will have at least one great gift. If not, I’ll go to my tried and true gift.

I knit coasters (they’re actually washcloths, but everyone uses them as coasters) and give them away as gifts all the time. To my knowledge, my Dad likes to use them the most out of all the things I’ve made him. If the tutorials above don’t work, I’ll follow my usual pattern below and make my Dad a set of knitted coasters in his favorite color.


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